Powerlifting competition RESULTS


What a great day!
The amazing thing about weightlifting as a sport is how satisfying it is to cheer loudly for everyone else, even your direct competition. Lots of great enthusiasm, lots of people pushing their personal limits, and one guy breaking the state record in the deadlift (688lbs!).

As for me, I exceeded my own personal expectations. I topped out at 375lbs on the back squat, 248lbs on the bench press, and 385lbs on the deadlift for a total of 1,008lbs. You get three attempts at each lift for a total of 9 attempts on the day, and I was the only one in my weight class to go 9/9 in my attempts. All this was good enough to tie for 8th place out of 12 in the 83kg division. Enormous respect to my fellow lifters who were incredibly impressive and happy to share their experience with this first timer.

The video is my final lift of the day, the 385lb deadlift attempt. The celebration at the end is the last ounce of energy my body had for the next 48 hours.

Brian Hastert