Announcement time:

Los Angeles… after dark

Los Angeles…after dark

It’s kind of a big one…

I’m moving to LA.

Pretty soon, too. Leaving New York June 1. Spending some time with family in the middle of the country, and then driving the rest of the way so I can see me some National Parks.

Probably landing in LA with a few days of June left.

To be honest I’m not sure what I’m going to do when I get there! I have some, you know, good guesses, but I’m ready to be surprised. Hopefully telling stories in some capacity. Good ones, bad ones, big ones, small ones. Mine and other people’s. And other stuff, too.

I still love NY. I’m not leaving with bitterness as sometimes people do. Far from it! I’ve lived here since I was 18 years old. My relationship to New York is as long and complex as any other relationship in my life. I look forward to some sadness in my departure. I already have some! There are so many people in this city that I love. There are so many pizza places that I love. There are so many subway lines that I love/hate. And of course, my Pace-FTVC students and colleagues that have grown to occupy an outsized part of my heart. The only reason I could step away with a clear conscience is that the program is already being run so excellently well by my colleague Matthew Humphreys - who’s been there with me since the beginning - that I am confident the program will continue to soar in my absence.

It will be strange to move away from my first New York family, The TEAM. This company is composed of some of the most incredible artists I have yet been blessed to encounter. I look forward to being in a position to advocate for the TEAM in a whole new city, expand our west coast operations.

I am brimming with eagerness. Excitement for change. Hunger to explore. Readiness to practice all the skills and confidence my time in New York has forged into me at the highest level I can.

I have some great friends out there who have already been very generous with showing me the ropes. And, of course, I always love meeting new people. I anticipate getting to do a lot of that. 

If you’re interested in saying hello again (before saying goodbye for a bit) I’ll be organizing a couple little events in the coming few weeks. Give me a shout and I’ll make sure the information gets to you once I figure it out.



Brian Hastert